Custom Newsletters

Share information with your customers through email blasts and digital newsletters.  Keep in touch, remind them of upcoming events, and include special offers, while doing it on a budget. In today’s world of electronic media, more customers receive mail via the internet and cell phones than through the US Postal Service. Keep in touch, build a culture and relationship with your customers. Remember, people do business with people they know and trust.

Add quality newsletter content that captures a reader’s attention while allowing him to draw his own conclusions. This is the best way to build a relationship of trust. Position yourself as an expert and as a source of information for your customers.  Keep your business fresh in their minds when a question or a need to make a referral arises.

Newsletters are most economical when prepared and distributed digitally. The online issues can be a single page email containing the first paragraph of each article and links to your website. Once on your site, your customers will have access to additional pages where they can learn about other services your company may offer. The online newsletter can also be created as a downloadable pdf. This will allow your customer the ability to download and keep their own printed copies for future reference. Maintaining an Archive of old newsletters on your website will soon become a great information resource for everyone.

Keeping your business name in front of people on a regular basis will bring in lots of new clients It also has the added benefit of upping your retention rates with them. Your customers will come to expect to hear from you, their personal expert. 

A newsletter does not have to be a one-way conversation. It can also give you the opportunity to poll and survey your clients (or even talk to them in person or on the telephone) about their needs and how you can best serve them. This information can be invaluable to your business.

To make your custom newsletter most effective and to assure delivery of each of them, an updated email list is required. We can assist your office staff in preparing this list. We can also be responsible for distribution of the newsletters or delivery of the files for your company to distribute.

When you decide to use newsletters to build your client base, Contact US to discuss your specific needs.



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